Activity Ideas: (pick 3 or 4)

Face Painting

Balloon Sculpting (Animals, Swords, Flowers)


Sparkle Make-Overs (boys get color spiked hair)

Manicures or Pedicures

Storybook Readings

Mini Ballet Class

Hip Hop Choreography (Cheetah Girls)

Fairy Ring Dance (for our younger dancers, classical music, group dancing)

Fencing (learn fencing moves using balloon swords)

Treasure Chest Games
(Toss in the Bucket, Musical Islands, Hot Crab)
all games culminate in a treasure chest to dig through for prizes
Games are themed with the parties

Small Inflatable Princess Castle or Pirate Ship ring toss game


Craft Ideas: (pick one)

Foam Picture Frames -
Children would decorate frames with foam sticker designs, rhinestones and feathers.

Plastic Slider Bracelets -
Children would design bright colored bracelets using slider shapes and letters.

Bandanas -
Children would use paint markers and stencils to decorate bandanas.
Or choose a pirate design ready for coloring.

Foam Crowns -
Children would decorate crowns using foam sticker shapes and rhinestones.

Foam Visors -
Children would decorate visors using foam sticker shapes and rhinestones.

Foam Lei Bracelets/Anklets -
Children would create bracelets or anklets using foam flowers and beads.
Make your own choices, or use one of our suggested
sample party menus.  
It's always up to you!
Step #2 Choose Your Activities!